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The three lost blog posts (google bundle and The Shorty Awards)



I had to delete a few "days" testerday from the site, so a few posts are missing.

Here they are in a restore version, (found them on my feedly pages):

Google bundle

A few days ago google released the google reader  "bundle" feature.

The bundle allows you to create a group of feeds as a.... bundle. You may simply say that it's a kind of feed aggregator.

The bundle has a feed of it's own, obviously. So bottom line, you can create a bundle, with your favourite feeds and syndicate it any where. E.g facebook, twitter, friendfeed and other.

Google also gives you a link to my google feeds bundle, where any one can view the items or subscribe to your bundle/aggregator.

Technically you do it all from your google reader page. Left column/ home/browse for stuff. Then you see the empty bundle and you start droping rss feeds into it from your left. Quite simple.
Ok, so now we just read how to drop your google reader feeds into a bundle and embed them into friend feed, twitter, facebook, or any other site that lets you add feeds to your whatever, activity.

One of the options you also have, I didn't mention yet, is to share the bundle with your friends (beside the link). There are two ways. One is to email them a link to your bundle. Remember that you have an access to all your gmail or google friends connect contacts, right from the reader page. Another sharing option you have, is to add your bundle items to your shared rss items page.

By the way there are two kinds of friends: Friends, (google friends connect) and your chat contacts. it worth spending a few minutes there and learning all the features.

Any way, what I'm trying to say in that post, is that very soon we will wake up and see that our reader page turned to be your social net kind of....not very different. The few  current lines of  "friends shared items", will soon take the all left column. Don't you think?

last option I didn't mention yet is your option to create a few bundles, different categories, different ideas. for example one can be news, one can be photos feeds, one can be yourf avourite videos and one can be your social bookmarking.

Feeds rule!

The Shorty Awards

The year's best producers of short* apps content *140 characters or less, on Twitter The Shorty Awards honors the year's best content producers on Twitter. Shorty Awards Apps Winners and Finalists hootsuite.com splitweet.com tweetworks.com

posted @ Saturday, May 30, 2009 3:09 PM by Avi A